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As part of the use of the website, RESISTUB PRODUCTIONS may collect personal data relating to the website users, necessary for their registration on the website and for their suscription to the newsletter or for the creation of their customer account, or for any communication with them, such as and including : first and family names, title, postal address, e-mail address, telephone number and similar details.

No personal data is collected without the knowledge of visitors to The optional or compulsory nature of the items to be disclosed to  RESISTUB PRODUCTIONS for this purpose shall be stated beforehand to internet users. The internet user has no obligation to disclose any personal data to RESISTUB PRODUCTIONS.

However, if the internet user refuses to disclose specific personal data, RESISTUB PRODUCTIONS will not be able to address the internet user its newsletter and/or to respond to his messages and/or to process his orders.

In all events, if the internet user does not wish or no longer wishes to receive the newsletter from RESISTUB PRODUCTIONS guarantees absolute confidentiality of your data, and guarantees that they will not be shared with any third parties, the said internet user may inform RESISTUB PRODUCTIONS guarantees absolute confidentiality of your data, and guarantees that they will not be shared with any third parties by requesting it in an email to : The internet user shall also have the option of cancelling his or her subscription to RESISTUB PRODUCTIONS newsletter by clicking on the unsubscribe link provided with each issue of the newsletter. The informations provided by the internet user must be complete, correct at the moment he provides them, in order for RESISTUB PRODUCTIONS guarantees absolute confidentiality of your data, and guarantees that they will not be shared with any third parties to be able to process the requests from the user.

RESISTUB PRODUCTIONS may place a cookie in the user’s computer, only to make it possible to identify him/her during his/her next visits.

The term of conservation of information concerning browsing by the internet user, as provided by the ‘cookie’ on the Site, shall not exceed one year.

The internet user can be opposed to the recording”cookies” on his hard disk by configuring his software (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc.) in this way.

Thus, it is recommended that the internet user refers to the instructions for use (Help section of the browser’s toolbar) for his/her web browser or to search for any useful information with the software publisher.

In accordance with the French law about data processing and freedom of 6 January 1978, you have the right to oppose, access, correct or remove data concerning you. 

To exercise this right, feel free to send us your request in writing: 


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