Mr & Mrs Clynk

Creative duo

Mr. Clynck is Jérôme Clynckemaillie, interior designer, former associate of Andrée Putman.
Mrs. Clynk is Karine, textile fashion designer. A tandem with crossed talents.

They draw and design object collections inspired by their passions, such as China and their travels, but also by simple materials and clean lines.

Sensitive and respectful of the artisanal craftsmanship, they collaborate with beautiful manufactures of their Western region: a furiously design domestic product line for the Nantes brush factory Andrée jardin, a “Bone” collection, chic and graphic for the furniture manufacturer Cantereau, but also cushions, lamps, et ceramics have been edited for Atomic Soda..

Their secret? A wonderful creative understanding between partners, a common view of contemporary elegance for perfect design, timeless in both male and female.
For Resistub Productions, they sign the Monsieur & Madame de. line.
An interpretation inspired by the bedroom which becomes the heart of the house, to which each room invites itself as if it were the living room …

Products Mr & Mrs Clynk