The story began more than 60 years ago with a man called Georges Raimbaud, its creator. A blacksmith, he started in a small smithy of Vendée. A pioneer full of curiosity, he quickly turned away from the classical blacksmith craft and experienced his abilities in other fields.


The company manufactures beds, bed side tables as well as armchair, tables and side table to equip the entire house.


Résistub is a truly European dimension manufacturer  (Germany, Switzerland, England...)


Résistub realized Enghein's street furniture. The company is continuing to maintains and to improve it.


Résistub extended its know-how to the garden area with high resistant treatment to exterior exposure and tonic colors.


Arnaudeau group specialized in steel framework, laser and plasma cutting... bought back the company Résistub.


The taste for work well done is leading the team of 70 employees, which sets the quality requirement at the heart of the achievements that come from our workshops.

We collaborate with architects and interior designers (special production in both small and large series for hotels and communities).